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Senior Community & Urban Planning Trends in 2022

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A view of a large grass area with sunshine in the center of a senior living community

The landscape of our cities and neighborhoods is established based on its inhabitant’s habits and activities. Urban planners and senior living management companies strive to keep a sharp eye on innovating trends, increasing wellness, and improving sustainability in their communities. 

It’s essential to look towards the future when planning a new development or upgrading an existing facility. 

Planning trends help create realistic and attainable goals for future developments. By identifying possible trends based on dollars spent, demographics, and societal changes, planners create desirable up-and-coming urban and senior living communities. 

At Distinctive Living, we love to keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in urban planning to serve our clients and staff better, and we’ve put together a list of the most popular and intriguing trends in urban planning and senior living communities. 

Onwards into 2022 –Let’s see what this year has to offer our current and future communities! 

A Lean Towards Mixed-Use Neighborhoods 

There’s an ongoing lean towards neighborhoods filled with different age demographics, various available housing options, and mixed-use areas with dining, coffee, and shopping opportunities. 

Mixed-use neighborhoods offer access to different amenities and provide ongoing opportunities for engagement within a residential area. 

Low-Maintenance & No-Maintenance Living

In the past, homeownership came with a long to-do list of chores and repairs. Low-maintenance and no-maintenance living is beginning to appeal to a more significant part of the population, especially since there’s a broader interest in embracing free time. 

Community members are less interested in doing home maintenance in their off-hours, preferring to spend more time pursuing personal interests, hobbies, and enjoying the outdoors. 

Living Green

The world’s population is shifting towards environmental awareness; for urban planning, this means emphasizing sustainability and incorporating nature into their developments. 

Respect for the environment and reducing carbon footprints is a crucial component in most new communities, and there are ways to introduce these methods into existing developments. 

Living Smarter

Homeowners and community members are searching for increased efficiency in their homes, which often coincides with reduced energy costs. New developments are integrating built-in smart devices when planning their residences. 

Accessible technology motivates older adults by encouraging independence, and senior living communities are beginning to include smart-device and technology training for their residents. 

Small Space Living

Small space living movements are cropping up worldwide, and people everywhere are learning to design and organize more intimate spaces. 

And why not? The cost of living grows higher every year, and the savings from downsizing to a smaller space can be significant. Less maintenance and more savings provide ample free time to explore hobbies, appreciate community, and enjoy life. 

A group of seniors laying on their yoga mats holding their knees up to their chest following the lead of the female instructor who is lying down beside them

Active Communities 

Older adults are far more active than the generations before them, and it’s important to include options for healthy, active lifestyles when planning urban and senior communities. Incorporating parks, and areas for fitness activities are essential. 

The Age of Personalization

Urban planners are moving away from a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter mentality and embracing customizable living spaces and residences. Senior communities will see a significant shift towards personalization when planning new communities, and reorganizing current developments. 

Senior living communities, in particular, can look forward to: 

  • Customizing experiences to each resident
  • Designing wellness assessment tools
  • Providing unique wellness plans
  • Curating concierge-style, individualized experiences

More Reliance on Social Media

Our population has become considerably tech-savvy over the last few years; urban planners and senior living developments are increasingly reliant on their online presence and web reviews. 

Customers use technology to research and make decisions regarding purchases. Real estate and development planning will have to turn their focus towards social media to impact potential residents. 

A Rise in Senior Living Communities

The clinical environment of a nursing home is an image from a bygone era. Senior living communities are in high demand and on the rise throughout the United States

Older adults are choosing 55+ communities catering to their demographic. These neighborhoods often offer in-home care, a curated list of amenities, and personalized activities and events. 

As opposed to the care homes of ages past, senior living communities offer residents their own living spaces, provide independence, and an option to age with dignity. 

Preparing for Shortages

Urban planners and senior living communities can expect material and staffing shortages in the foreseeable future. Material and staffing shortages may cause construction and planning delays in new communities. 

Developments and communities may begin to hire for heart, rather than experience, taking a chance on applicants with high standards, motivation, and respect for the job. 

Senior living communities, in particular, can expect current staff to feel stretched thin and weary. While searching for new employees, remember to treat current employees well, recognize their excellent work, and strive to improve communication among staff.

Forecasting a Better Future

Keeping an eye on future trends can help when managing property, planning a new development, or revitalizing an existing one. 

Our experience and passion for community wellness and the development of senior living facilities is the heartbeat of Distinctive Living.  

Contact our incredible team for more information about planning trends for 2022, senior living communities, and community management. 

Written by Lisa Rogers

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