The Distinctive Living Dining Experience

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A Distinctive Palate

Dining at Distinctive Living boasts world-class culinary chefs and engages registered dieticians to provide our residents with the ultimate gourmet dining experience.

Your community can revolutionize its brand and transform its dining experience from a traditional service model to pure indulgence, or enhance an already established culinary program. A palatial dining experience is the next big trend in senior living and is sure to make every resident relish your brand.

The Distinctive Living Difference

Distinctive Living Dining Features

  • Private dining rooms
  • Community kitchens
  • Open kitchen concept
  • All day restaurant dining options
  • Social atmosphere
  • Attentive and trained front of the house staff
  • Personalized meals

Professional Culinary Staff

From world-class culinary chefs to attentive, personable servers, the Distinctive Living Dining Program ensures that your residents receive an enjoyable restaurant-level experience. The Distinctive Living Dining team is trained to answer questions, provide recommendations, and deliver a customer-driven personalized dining experience.

Registered Dietician Approved Meals

To ensure the complete wellness of every resident, we strive to provide delicious ways for residents to meet their healthy eating goals. Registered dieticians work with our residents to ensure that their nutritional needs are satisfied daily in a way that suits their requirements.

Memory Support Dining

In partnership with our Moments Matter™ program, we offer a wide variety of dementia-friendly menu options that help to prevent and decrease some of the adverse effects associated with dementia, such as weight loss and loss of appetite. Implementing this program will ensure that your memory support residents receive the proper care they need to remain healthy.

What Can Distinctive Living Do For You?


Investors wishing to purchase an existing senior living property or convert a property for senior living use, trust Distinctive Living to lead them through the entire process to minimize investment pitfalls and maximize ROI.


Most senior living investors aren’t in the managing business, and that’s why they come to Distinctive Living to manage the entire property, mitigating risk and maximizing efficiency. Clients and residents are happy.


Building a senior living community is a large undertaking. Talk to us about how we can save you a significant investment of your resources, time, money, and energy. We know how to build the best senior living properties in the industry.


If you are considering investing in the senior living space, or you need resources to complete the backing necessary to complete your senior living project, consider Distinctive Living and our vast network of wealth and knowledge to make your project amazing.

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