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A New Resident Experience

Distinctive Living is all about revitalizing the senior living industry. Our communities are a place where residents are masterfully assisted and supported. Our teams are dedicated to working alongside each resident to improve their quality of life and make their time with us as enjoyable as possible.

By promoting physical, mental, and social well-being, we’re committed to providing a space where every resident can reach their full potential. Our goal is to develop communities into top-notch living spaces for residents through actionable management strategies.

The Distinctive Living Dimensions

Senior living communities under Distinctive Living management will love the benefits of this holistic approach to active community living. Our practices focus on enriching our residents’ lives using five dimensions of wellness, which are present throughout all of our amenities and services.


The intellectual dimension of wellness encourages creative and stimulating mental activities to bring richness to our residents’ lives.

Distinctive Living is dedicated to providing our residents with many opportunities to learn new skills or further develop their passions.


Connection involves building healthy, nurturing, and supportive relationships.

Studies show that social connections directly affect all aspects of health. When you connect with others, you can thrive. That’s what we see every day in Distinctive Living communities— a collection of people who simply love coming together and improving each other’s lives.

Be Active

Physical wellness includes all aspects of physical health, including sleep, movement, nutrition, relaxation, and injury and illness management.

From dietitian-approved meal plans to recreational amenities, Distinctive Living offers a comprehensive approach to improving the physical wellness of all of our residents.


The power of giving is an essential aspect of resident well-being. Studies show that the act of giving can improve physical and mental health while promoting social connection.

Providing opportunities to give is a fundamental part of how we impact and improve the lives of the residents who call DIstinctive Living home.

Be Spiritual

The spiritual dimension is another key to successful aging. Just as it is crucial to engage the mind and the body, engaging the spirit is critical to ensure resident wellness.

We provide state-of-the-art places of worship and therapy facilities to improve the spiritual well-being of Distinctive Living residents.

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