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How To Generate Leads for Senior Living Facilities

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A group of residents in a senior living community with a caregiver smiling just behind

Senior living communities are a lucrative market and fill an essential need for people across the country. In our increasingly online world, leveraging your marketing efforts to generate and capitalize on leads is vital. 

Getting the word out and converting interest into a new community member is part of how you fulfill your mission to help as many people as possible. You generate effective leads by learning to tailor your marketing resources more efficiently.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is fundamental to generating actionable leads. Your insights into your audience are vital because they inform how you develop your marketing strategy. Narrowing down your audience by their personality, demographics, and user intent ensures you don’t waste time and resources and can spend more time getting people interested in living in your community.

Senior living communities generally target 2 key user personas: adult-child influencers and residents. Adult-child influencers (ACIs) are typically younger relatives of seniors approaching retirement. Residents are the people who will be living in your community. Both play an essential role in your lead generation. 

Adult-Child Influencers

ACIs are interested in getting their parents or other loved ones to consider a senior living home. They may be the primary caretaker for a parent who can’t live independently anymore or who may be experiencing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. 

ACIs prioritize their loved one’s well-being from the standpoint of their security and access to services like healthcare and assistance with daily tasks. Depending on what your senior living community offers, whether it’s independent living, assisted living, or memory care, you can generate leads by explaining what sets you apart in these services.

A group of seniors in a retirement community all seated raising their arms in the air


When you’re targeting your resident audience, focus on the type of amenities you offer. Residents often make a decision based on what kind of lifestyle they want. 

Some residents may wish to learn about the events you hold and opportunities for socialization. Others may want more information about ways you can enrich their lives while making them more manageable, like access to hair salons, golf courses, or dining options.

The best way to understand potential residents’ intent is to ask yourself why they might be searching for a senior living community in the first place. For example, they may feel lonely and searching for a way to break their isolation. Understanding their motivation makes it easier for you to create your marketing plan and helps you serve them better.

Create Engaging Content

After you’ve done the work to understand your audience, it’s time to determine how to address them. Your content’s tone and voice play a subtle but vital role in how people engage with it. People who engage with your content want to feel like you’re speaking to them and empathize with their needs.

Speaking with empathy is essential when you’re addressing your ACI audience. In many cases, they must make the difficult decision to approach their loved ones about a senior living community. As operators, we understand how difficult that conversation can be, and we’re equipped to help them with it. 

Generating leads also means crafting effective calls to action. After creating engaging content that speaks to your audience’s needs, they need something to do about it. A call to action to encourage a consultation or book a tour makes your content even more compelling and is vital to the lead generation process. 

Reach Target Users

Promoting your content on multiple channels helps you reach a wider audience and generate leads. Some channels include:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Search engines
  • Pay-per-click ads

To ensure maximum efficiency, your content across all channels should complement each other. A blog post with effective keywords can perform well on search engines while also forming the basis for an email marketing campaign. Your calls to action on social media could also be part of your pay-per-click ads. A cohesive content strategy across your channels increases your community’s legitimacy and generates more leads.

The Distinctive Living Difference

Here at Distinctive Living, we focus intensely on developing and managing senior living communities that serve residents’ needs. Whether you wish to invest in or convert a property for senior living or develop your existing community further, we’re here to lend our experience and expertise. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help you generate and convert leads and elevate your community to improve how you serve your residents.

Written by Lisa Rogers

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