When you’re ready for the next phase in your life and lifestyle, the last thing you should ever have to worry about is your living situation. At Distinctive Living, our independent living communities offer those entering into retirement a beneficial option that helps to ensure they enjoy the little things in life. 

It’s time to let someone else take over the burden of household chores and responsibilities, so that you can put your best years in front of you and get back to enjoying all of the exciting things that life has to offer. Our independent living communities are exciting, vibrant, and tight-knit, and will give you the opportunity to follow your passions and enjoy easy living.

After all, isn’t that what retirement is all about?

Independent Living At Distinctive Living

Is independent living new to you? We would be happy to tell you what it is all about. Independent living at Distinctive Living is all about giving seniors the life that they truly deserve. It is time for you to enjoy your retirement experience the right way. This service is designed for seniors who can still care for their own needs each and every day. Residents are permitted to have pets, they receive the added benefits of on-site activities and off-site excursions, and they can even enjoy a number of cosmetic amenities like our gymnasium and salons.

When Is It The Right Time To Consider Independent Living?

Independent living is not a matter of care, healthcare, senior care, or elder care – it’s simply a matter of giving yourself the best possible opportunity to live independently and enjoy your life without the hassle of owning and maintaining a home.

Surround yourself with people who share the same values. Share passions, converse over interests, and become part of an engaging community that wants nothing but the best for themselves and each other. If you want to maintain a free lifestyle that you always imagined for yourself in your retirement years, then now might be right time for you to consider independent living with Distinctive Living.

What Is It Like To Live In An Independent Living Community?

Quite simply, living in our independent living communities are no different from living your everyday life! Now, you will have the opportunity to live in a new place, in a lively new community of like-minded seniors who simply want to enjoy their lives without the typical hassle of maintaining a home.

At Distinctive Living, your time is your own. You can fill your day with as much energy and as many activities as you would like, or you can enjoy a calm, leisurely, and relaxing day in your home. Through our independent living communities, we are happy to ensure that our residents enjoy their lives just as they would if they were back in their own home – but with more freedom, more flexibility, and more happiness.