distinctive dining

When it comes to dining at Distinctive Living, our culinary service is more than just a meal – it is a luxurious dining experience made complete with a wonderful café and bistro, a world-class culinary chef, and a registered dietician on-site. Do not forget about our private dining rooms and our community kitchen available for all of our residents to use and reserve.

The Distinctive Living Dining Program​

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring our residents closer to the quality of care that they deserve – and what better way than to ensure a hot and delicious home-cooked meal every night? Our dining program includes fresh ingredients, tasty dishes, exciting recipes, and a variety of options to ensure that we meet the needs of each and every resident. 

You can even control the level of flavor in every dish! Personalize your meals just how you want them – as if you were cooking at home.

Culinary Staff​

Our professional culinary staff are available to ensure that our residents’ needs are met. They answer questions, provide recommendations, and offer dining services, so that our residents can enjoy their meals in peace.

Menu Options​

Our registered dietician works hand in hand with our residents to ensure that their nutrition needs are met on a daily basis. We always work to help our residents maintain a healthy diet by personalizing their diet programs to suit their needs.

Dining For Memory
Support Residents​

We offer a wide variety of dementia-friendly menus that help to prevent some of the negative effects associated with dementia, such as weight loss and loss of appetite. We understand that receiving the proper amount of daily nutrition is critical, and our experts are always standing at the ready to guarantee that our memory support residents receive the nutrients they need to remain healthy.