When it comes to assisted living communities, the horror stories are sometimes enough to steer caregivers away from looking into what should be a very viable option for elderly care and senior care. But here at Distinctive Living, we are focused on ensuring that each and every senior who enters into our community receives the care, the quality of life, and the level of happiness that they truly deserve.

A New Standard of Care

From dining, to grooming, to healthcare and medication, Distinctive Living offers each and every resident a comprehensive living experience. We know just how much your golden years mean to you and for caregivers, ensuring that your loved ones are safe and taken care of is of the utmost importance. Distinctive Living is proud to welcome you into a new type of assisted living community.

It’s All About The Location

When it comes to our residents, many of them are active, lively, and full of energy! They love to have fun, and they love to get out of the house for a bit to see the town. Many of our assisted living community facilities are located close to restaurants, shops, parks, and even places of worship, and we always offer exciting outings that our residents can take advantage of.

How Distinctive Living Transforms The Traditional Assisted Living Model

Here at Distinctive Living, our idea of assisted living is a bit different from the industry-standard. In our minds, assisted living means more than just giving seniors and those entering into their retirement years a place to live. It is about caring for them, supporting them, and ensuring that they have what they need to enjoy their life each and every day.

Our assisted living community features a number of options for seniors to ensure that all of their living needs are taken care of. Our professional team of support staff and doctors are always standing at the ready to provide day to day support in the area of general care, daily living, memory support, medications, and even recreational activities. 

“This isn’t assisted living – it’s Distinctive Living.”

When Is The Right Time To Consider Assisted Living?

Making the decision to enter into assisted living yourself or to place a loved on in assisted living care is never going to be a painless decision. But at the end of the day, Distinctive Living is here to ensure that your life or that of your loved one remains just as it was before, but with a bit more care, a bit more attention, a bit more support, and a beautiful new community. 

Remember, everyone’s situation is going to be a bit different, but it is important to keep in mind a few simple questions – would my life be easier? Would my loved one’s life be easier? If you answer in the affirmative for both questions, then it might be the right time to  consider assisted living.

What Is It Like To Live At Distinctive Living?

Our assisted living community is specifically designed to transform the traditional assisted living facility that you might be familiar with. Distinctive Living understands that each of our residents are their own person – they have their own hobbies, their own interests, and their own passions. This means that life at Distinctive Living looks different for each and every individual resident. 

And in fact, that is something that we embrace. Some of our residents require memory support, while others are simply looking for a care-free way to enjoy their retirement and receive day to day support all at the same time. Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured knowing that Distinctive Living is here.